Philharmonic Music (Canada) Publications has been publishing since 2007 and its management team is comprised of famous composers, music professor conductors and other recognized members in the music industry.

Since then there have been three publications presently used by Canadian Conservatory of Music and North American Conservatory of Music as materials for exam preparations. This book set is the first in Canada to incorporate a full range of music which resulted in the popularity of this set. It is now widely distributed within Canada and is the top choice at The Canadian Conservatory of Music. The book set also accommodates all levels of the music examinations and it can now be conveniently found in music retail stores, music schools, music centers and ordered online.

(The books listed above are published under the examination standards from the syllabus for Royal Conservatory of Music)

Philharmonic Music (Canada) Publications is preparing to publish a new series of all inclusive books for students to practice repertoire and performance in the future. Our publisher is currently focusing on globally expanding the publications   and will continue to produce excellent materials for assisting students and teachers alike with their musical talents and endevours.